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The Emotional Dangers of Time Spent Awake But Not Looking at Any Screens

(too much time to contemplate and feel things and you'll just end up crying)

Working in my favorite cafe in Los Feliz, listening to a manchild in a knit floppy beanie explaining to an unknown blonde actress why it's not a good idea to write, direct, and star in her first feature film. Even though "the world needs to hear [her] story." If you ever close your eyes and imagine what's happening in cafes in Los Angeles on any given day, vis a vis scripts in progress and concerned blondes talking about their craft, everything you imagine is true. Except me, you wouldn't expect me to be here.

note to self re: garbage in

If I'm going to look at my phone first thing when I wake up (a big if, no one should do this), pinterest & instagram are much better viewing options than facebook and gawker. the former are filled with wonder and inspiration by my friends and the latter are just the worst. i love gawker but no one needs to read pithy articles about murder and human degradation immediately upon waking.

Maybe I should start livejournaling again!

yearly update
nothing to report.

browser alphabet thing
(the browser alphabet meme. Put each letter into your search thingy/address bar, see what pops up for each letter. not allowed to take out anything embarrassing or naughty but you are allowed to take out super private things that would name and shame someone else.)

abandoned subway stations nyc
blood on the tracks
civic center farmer's market
dick in a box
East 18th Street and Euclid Avenue in Cleveland
google gadgets
html entities
jason lee
kate bush son
lonely island i just had sex
miley cyrus
nursing school
omer travers
pledge fabric sweeper
rita hayworth
sonia ji
tweet blender
user agent switcher
vh1 celebrity rehab
white river junction, vt
youtube api
zoe lister jones

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hey all, most of you already know this because you talk to me, follow my twitter, are on my flickr, or my facebook, or still have my ellyorg feed on your friends page, or GOD KNOWS THERE ARE 500 OTHER WAYS TO FIND ME ONLINE, but the gist is:

i'm writing again at after a... 6 month (?) hiatus.

okay, bye.

i still exist. i'm still reading your journals.


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