Maybe I should start livejournaling again!

yearly update
nothing to report.

browser alphabet thing
(the browser alphabet meme. Put each letter into your search thingy/address bar, see what pops up for each letter. not allowed to take out anything embarrassing or naughty but you are allowed to take out super private things that would name and shame someone else.)

abandoned subway stations nyc
blood on the tracks
civic center farmer's market
dick in a box
East 18th Street and Euclid Avenue in Cleveland
google gadgets
html entities
jason lee
kate bush son
lonely island i just had sex
miley cyrus
nursing school
omer travers
pledge fabric sweeper
rita hayworth
sonia ji
tweet blender
user agent switcher
vh1 celebrity rehab
white river junction, vt
youtube api
zoe lister jones

(no subject)
hey all, most of you already know this because you talk to me, follow my twitter, are on my flickr, or my facebook, or still have my ellyorg feed on your friends page, or GOD KNOWS THERE ARE 500 OTHER WAYS TO FIND ME ONLINE, but the gist is:

i'm writing again at after a... 6 month (?) hiatus.

okay, bye.

i still exist. i'm still reading your journals.



it's a unicorn riding a pegasus.

i love my cat so much. i have had her for so long, and she is so crotchedy and annoying sometimes, but in the mornings after oliver feeds her and leaves for work, she comes in and sleeps with me till i wake up. she will curl up right next to my chest and purr quietly and snooze with me till it's time to get up. i love these secret morning cuddle times, they seem reserved just for me. as i type this she has climbed onto the couch and curled up into a tiny ball, half on my leg.

upon returning home
there was a mostly dead tiny baby bird on the doorstep. this isn't a good omen, right? the weirdest thing was that it was in the exact spot where, weeks ago, i had thought that a random leaf was a dead baby bird. i'd seen the leaf and braced myself. but it was just a leaf. so today when i saw the bird i wasn't too surprised. i was sad to see it wasn't totally dead. it was wiggling slightly. the nest was far and inside a hole and there was no way to get it back into it, and plus i hear that is a bad idea anyway. so i picked up baby and took it down to the flowerbed where it could finish dying in a less barren place. i considered breaking its neck or something but i couldn't bring myself. i wish i could have saved it.

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